NOCCA Foundation


Artists-in-Residence Program

NOCCA’s curriculum is based on the time-honored master-apprentice tradition. As a result, the NOCCA Foundation’s Artists-in-Residence Program is a fundamental training tool. Guest artists help students understand the artistic lineage of which they are a part and fosters a learning environment that is inspiring and ever-changing.

The Foundation underwrites 80 – 100 residencies each year, with artists from across the country working in NOCCA’s classroom from one day to several weeks. Some artists also share their work with the general public through the Foundation’s CENTER STAGE concert series, a rotating gallery series, and the Creative Reading Series.

The Artists-in-Residence program broadens the range of artistic techniques and aesthetic principles to which NOCCA students are exposed. For example, the Visual Arts department might host an artist who specializes in virtual reality design or a particular software suite with which faculty aren’t fully familiar. Residencies also offer opportunities for exciting collaborations between NOCCA’s arts departments and with other organizations. Finally, residencies serve as professional development workshops for faculty, keeping them connected to the latest innovations in their respective fields.

Visiting artists are selected by NOCCA’s faculty of professional artists, with each department receiving an annual allocation of approximately $5,000. For a glimpse of some recent visiting artists in action, check out our latest Aspirations newsletter.