NOCCA Foundation

NOCCA’s innovative impact story

Since NOCCA’s move to its Chartres Street campus in 2000, student learning and achievement have seen marked impact thanks to dedicated, professional training spaces. Enrollment has grown to 630 students, and over the last decade, graduates have earned over nearly $200 million in scholarships and aid to college. Each year, more than 100 colleges, universities, and conservatories visit NOCCA to recruit its soon-to-be graduates.

The Academic Studio’s focus on seeing patterns across disciplines has had a profound effect on learning. Though students enter the Academic Studio with various levels of educational preparation, 100% are passing end-of-course tests, and 89% are doing so at the highest levels. Just as exciting, NOCCA is the first public school with no academic barriers to admission in Orleans Parish ever to earn an “A” grade from Louisiana’s Department of Education. 

Be a builder of educational innovation with us and enhance the means by which young people may prosper.