The Financial Aid Program: Some of our successes

The Financial Aid Program: Some of our successes

The NOCCA Institute awarded $60,000 in Term-Time and Summer Study Financial Aid support to this year’s graduates during their years of study at NOCCA.  They earned $5.4 million in scholarships and aid to college.  Eighty percent of students receiving assistance from TNI earned college awards, with the remaining earning TOPS scholarships to attend Louisiana Colleges.  Thank you for your investment in students’ talent, goals and boundless oppportunities.  For NOCCA’s young artists/citizens and our region, the dividends are huge.

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Tracey BullingtonTracey Bullington: Visual Arts

$440,000 in college scholarships earned

“Through attendance at summer art programs, including the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, I was able to improve my skills, receive new and diverse opinions about my art, and explore possiblities for college.  My artwork, ideas and portfolio grew drastically as a result of these summer experiences and  greatly expanded my college scholarship opportunities. It would not have been possible for me to attend these programs without the Institute’s help.  It proved invaluable to me.”

Tracey will attend the School of the Musuem of Fine Arts Boston.

Ariel JacksonAriel Jackson: Visual Arts

$320,000 in college scholarships earned

“My experience at MICA’s pre-college summer program helped me to realize that art is what I truly want to pursue as a career.  It gave me the self-confidence I needed to take on larger projects.  If it were not for The NOCCA Institute’s financial aid, I may not have been as prepared to take on challenges and grow artistically enough to gain admittance and scholarships to prestigious colleges.”

Ariel  will attend Cooper Union in New York City.

Linton SmithLinton Smith: Jazz

$204,000 in college scholarships earned

“The NOCCA Institute’s contributions were a huge part of my extraordinary high school experiences.  They helped me to achieve the level of musicianship that I reached.  Their support provided me the chance to have required private music lessons, experience a week in Paris at Le Conservatoire, attend Berklee School of Music’s five-week summer program, and learn from many great artists including Wynton Marsalis, Tootie Heath and so many others.  I am very grateful for all the Institute provided.

Linton will attend The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York.

Martin SaitoMartin Saito:  Jazz

$182,000 in college scholarships earned

“I am truly grateful for the financial aid I received from The NOCCA Institute for required private music lessons.  I was able to further my pursuit of knowledge, opportunity and growth as a musician and as a person.  What I gained helped create my path to a full scholarship to the school of my dreams.”

Martin will attend Soka University, California.

Sarah JacksonSarah Jackson: Musical Theatre

$175,000 in college scholarships earned

“The NOCCA Institute was a huge help to me in figuring out my next step.  If I had not been able to attend the Unified Auditions in Chicago, I would not have had the opportunity to explore every possibility.  I will never forget where I got started.”

Sarah will attend Florida State University.