Friday, March 5: NEA Jazz Master Phil Woods and “The Children’s Suite”

Friday, March 5: NEA Jazz Master Phil Woods and “The Children’s Suite”


On Friday, March 5, at 8:00pm, legendary composer, conductor, and saxophonist Phil Woods comes to NOCCA!  The NEA Jazz Master will present one of his master works, The Children’s Suite, performed by Mr. Woods and a 15-piece orchestra. Based on the classic verses of A. A. Milne, The Children’s Suite also features jazz vocals by Vicki Doney and Bob Dorough. This event is hosted by the CAC, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, and The NOCCA Institute. Tickets are $25 general admission and $20 for CAC members, NOCCA Institute members, and Friends of the Fest. Click here to purchase your tickets today.

About The Children’s Suite

“This is an enchanting jazz suite with songs, inspired by the stories of A.A. Milne. Woods got the idea to set some of them as songs in 1961 when he was unpacking his own children’s Milne books after one of many family moves. He eventually wrote 15 of them and much later arranged them into this suite.

However, getting clearance to perform the pieces with a narrator, orchestra and singers, or to record them, was steadfastly barred by the Milne estate and Disney, owners of the rights. Forty years after writing the songs Woods ran into the one person licensed by the Pooh Trustees and Disney to perform Milne’s works on stage, and this person – Peter Dennis (who died in 2009) – finally made it possible for Woods to be allowed to perform and record his music.

The selections are a delight, beautifully capturing the simple appeal of Milne’s childs’ world. The vocals by Boney and Dorough are also a kick; Bob is of course just right for this task based on his popularity with all the boomers who grew up on his Multiplication Rock songs on PBS. Never mind that he’s now hit his eighth decade – his distinctive insouciant Arkansas voice takes us back to a swinging childhood.”

— excerpt from John Henry’s Audiophile Audition review


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