The NOCCA Institute’s Financial Aid Program: Highlights From 2010 – 11

The NOCCA Institute’s Financial Aid Program: Highlights From 2010 – 11

The NOCCA Institute awarded over $130,000 in Term-Time and Summer Study Financial Aid in 2010-11. The Term-Time program, which helps students with department fees, supplies, required private music lessons, and travel to the Chicago Unified Auditions, received a record number of requests — 75% more than last year. This initiative has typically made $20,000 in awards; for 2010-11 the amount increased to $51,000. Both Term-Time Aid and Summer Study Aid to attend important pre-college programs across the country are a strong investment in our young artists and their tremendous dedication to developing their talent, craft and futures.

Below are just a handful of the many students who benefited from The NOCCA Institute’s Financial Aid programs:


“Summer Study support helped me tremendously in preparing for college because I was able to leave my NOCCA comfort zone, gain a new perspective on my art and grow by working with new people. I appreciated my teachers and NOCCA’s environment even more because I knew NOCCA was preparing me to be successful in the world.”

Angela Stewart, Drama; $494,105 earned in college scholarships, attending Auburn University

“The NOCCA Institute assisted me and my family in so many ways and helped me reach my goals. Through Term-Time Financial Aid, I was able to study under one of the finest trumpet instructors in the city.  Those lessons, both at NOCCA and with my private teacher, have encouraged me to seek a degree in music education so I can give back to the community.”

Doyle “Red” Cooper, Jazz; $31,450 earned in college scholarships, attending Loyola University

“My time spent studying at the Boston Conservatory and San Francisco Conservatory of Dance summer programs opened my mind, improved my technique and gave me confidence to transition to my college dance career. Summer Study support truly helped me develop as a dancer and artist. I benefitted greatly from each experience and in returning to NOCCA could share what I learned with my peers and teachers.”

Raven Ross, Dance; $39,958 earned in college scholarships, attending Southern Methodist University

“Without The NOCCA Institute, I would not have been able to attend Walnut Hill’s Summer Opera Intensive, which included travel to Italy to experience the richness of opera. This program helped me understand life of a professional opera singer while allowing me to experience opera at its roots. It was an experience that strengthened my professionalism at NOCCA and helped me gain a deeper appreciation for all aspects of the stage, those who perform on it and help behind it.”

Adjani Gibson, Vocal Music; $319,424 earned in college scholarships, attending Catholic University

“Studying at Maryland Institute College of Art really opened my eyes. It gave me an entirely new perspective, for both my own art and that of the many contemporary artists I studied there. I left with a new mindset and enthusiasm about creating art that I had never before fully experienced. The program allowed me to grow as an artist and as a student, made me think about my art in ways that I never had before, and deepened my appreciation for all that NOCCA has provided for me.”

Drew Schenk, Visual Arts; $522,600 earned in college scholarships, attending Alfred University

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