Opening September 12: NOCCA Alumni Exhibition, Featuring Sam Crosby, Logan Dixon, And Ashley Teamer

Opening September 12: NOCCA Alumni Exhibition, Featuring Sam Crosby, Logan Dixon, And Ashley Teamer

The NOCCA Institute and NOCCA’s Visual Arts department  announce the opening of the 2013 Alumni Exhibition, featuring work by Sam Crosby, Logan Dixon, and Ashley Teamer. Join us for a reception on Thursday, September 12, from 6pm – 8pm, to celebrate this very special show.

The 2013 Alumni Exhibition will be on view in the Ken Kirschman Artspace, located on NOCCA’s campus at 2800 Chartres Street in New Orleans. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 1pm, and Saturday, 12pm to 4pm. Admission to both the exhibition and the opening reception is free.

The 2013 Alumni Exhibition will remain on view through Friday, October 25.


Class of 2009, attended Tulane University

Artist’s statement: “Objects of the banal fill my work: a linoleum tile, a cupcake, a child’s donkey. Often, I replicate these artifacts, exploring a process that summons ideas of obsession and adoration. Many of the objects that inspire me are manufactured industrially, but through the filter of my translation, become handmade. My pieces concern the space in between, neither wholeheartedly of the hand nor of the factory.”

Biography: Sam Crosby is a New Orleans-born artist and graduate of Isidore Newman School and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. In May 2013, he graduated from Tulane University with a BFA in Art History and Studio Art, with a concentration in Painting/Printmaking. Upon graduating, Sam received the Alberta “Rusty” Collier Award for Outstanding Studio Art Major in both 2-Dimensional Work and 3-Dimensional Work, as well as the Outstanding Art History Major. He has exhibited work throughout New Orleans at Barrister’s Gallery, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Carroll Gallery, and Coup D’Oeil Art Consortium. Sam currently lives and works in New Orleans.

Class of  2008, attended Maryland Institute College of Art

Artist’s statement: Logan Dixon’s paintings find resonance somewhere between the beauty of a dream and the pain of reality. Often switching from oils to charcoal, Dixon gives each of his works an equal amount of attention and detail. Dixon is inspired by the power of symbols and creates work that invites the audience decode them. He does so by luring in the viewer with eloquently rendered figures, dramatically lit environments, and a hint that the image before them is worth more than just a glance.

Class of 2009, attended Boston University

Artist’s Statement: “My paintings, sculptures, and prints all deal with image perception. In my printmaking work, I have been using blurred or digitally unclear images to engage the viewer in an image they cannot immediately understand. In my paintings, I have been translating different life experiences and silly phrases into abstract blob portraits. It’s not important that the audience understand my personal stories (even though the titles sometimes suggest them). I want viewers to see the relationships between the colors, textures, and blobs, forming their own connections between them.”

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