Join us for two months of arts classes for adults: June and July 2018

Join us for two months of arts classes for adults: June and July 2018

Join The NOCCA Institute for another amazing summer of arts classes for adults! During this year’s Summer Studio, you can…

  • Learn the basics of Creole cuisine with Chef Frank Brigtsen
  • Study ceramics with acclaimed artist Nikki Jackson
  • Belly up to the barre with ballet teacher Karl Condon
  • Understand how to copyright your work thanks to attorney Ashlye Keaton
  • Tighten up your tap skills with choreographer Heidi Malnar
  • Clown around with Darci Fulcher
  • And more!

All told, we have nearly 20 classes for you to choose from, and we plan to add more soon. With weekend, weekday, and nighttime offerings, there’s something to fit every budget and interest. Check out the current list of Summer Studio offerings below or at, then click the links to register today!

Classes are taught on the campus of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Louisiana’s arts conservatory for high school students. For additional information, please call 504-940-2808 or email Richard at


    1. Richard Read

      Hi, Clarissa, and thanks for your post. The cost of our classes vary–some are afternoon workshops, while others take place over the course of a month. For pricing and other details, just click the name of the class that you’re interested in. You’ll find a full description and tuition info, too!

  1. Emily

    Are the dance classes two nights per week? For instance, is ballet on Thursdays AND Saturdays or do you choose which day you want to attend?

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