We’ve got TWO tasty king cakes for Carnival 2021

We’ve got TWO tasty king cakes for Carnival 2021

The 2021 Carnival season may look a little different, but it will taste as sweet as ever! That’s because the Culinary Arts department at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) is partnering with Cake Cafe’s Chef Steve Himelfarb and locally owned French Truck Coffee to produce two outstanding king cakes:

  • Cake Cafe’s beloved Apple and Goat Cheese King Cake: Cake Cafe’s doors in the Faubourg Marigny may be closed, but Chef Steve Himelfarb’s famous king cake lives on! Filled with apples, vanilla, cinnamon, goat cheese, and cream cheese, it’s decorated with a purple, green, and gold vanilla glaze, which is sweetened with a touch of local honey.
  • French Truck Cafe au Lait King Cake: This sweet-dough king cake features three kinds of coffee with a cream cheese filling. Chef Dana D’Anzi Tuohy, chair of NOCCA’s Culinary Arts department, developed it in collaboration with Chef Steve Himelfarb and French Truck Coffee.  

Both cakes will be available from January 6 at French Truck Coffee shops (FrenchTruckCoffee.com) at the King Cake Hub (KingCakeHub.com), or reserve your cake today at NOCCAMarketplace.com.

Chef Steve Himelfarb, the founder of Cake Cafe, says, “It is an honor to be collaborating with Chef Dana and the entire NOCCA team. Especially this season, it is important for us to work hard and bring the magic of Mardi Gras to life.” (FYI, Chef Steve has a new cookbook! Pick up your copy of the Cake Cafe Cookbook at NOLACakes.com.)

Chef Dana D’Anzi Tuohy, chair of NOCCA’s Culinary Arts department, feels the same: “In these crazy and uncertain times one thing is certain: there will be king cake! Collaborating with Chef Steve on this project to keep a Cake Cafe classic alive and to create a new king cake from scratch has been one of greatest joys of the year.” 

Proceeds from king cake sales support NOCCA’s Culinary Arts department and Louisiana’s next generation of chefs. This one-of-a-kind fundraising program is overseen by The NOCCA Institute, NOCCA’s nonprofit partner.


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