The Financial Aid Program: Some Of Our Successes

The Financial Aid Program: Some Of Our Successes

The NOCCA Institute awarded $90,000 in Term-Time, Summer Study, and Summer Session Financial Aid to members of the 2010 graduating class during their tenure at NOCCA. They, in turn, earned $7.6 million in scholarships and aid to college. What’s more, eighty-eight percent of students receiving assistance from the NOCCA Institute earned college awards. Thank you as always for your investment in students’ talent, goals and unlimited opportunities — the returns are huge.

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DESIREE AMADEO, Dance: $366,564
Attending Florida State University
“The aid TNI has given me has benefited me in more ways than I can say. I was able to grow as both an artist and a person and make connections that will help me in college and the years after. I will attend FSU BFA dance program in the fall and can say with confidence that I am ready because of my experience at NOCCA and the summer programs I attended.”

JOEL CALLONIA DYSON, Vocal Music: $240,000
Attending Eastman School of Music

“Without the help of TNI, I would not have had all the wonderful opportunities that have made me successful. My classroom and summer study experiences have put me ahead as I prepare to attend Eastman School of Music for Vocal Performance. I am extremely grateful and plan on supporting TNI in every way I can because of what they have given me.”

EMILY CHAPLAIN, Visual Arts: $457,980
Attending Memphis College of Art

“Much of my artwork this year evolved from techniques I learned at MICA’s pre-college program, such as Xerox transfers and bookmaking. Without The NOCCA Institute’s financial aid, it would have been nearly impossible for me to attend. Going to pre-college helped me grow as an artist, prepared me for college, and realize the direction I want to go with my artwork.”

SHEA PIERRE, Jazz: $320,000
Attending Oberlin College

The NOCCA Institute has been exceptionally generous to all of us here at NOCCA. Because of the opportunities provided by the Institute, I am able to attend a prestigious college as a well-prepared student of music. While in college I plan to major in Music and History so that I can become a well-rounded individual.

HAKEEM L. HOLMES, Drama: $596,118
Attending New York University

“With the help of TNI, I was able to attend the Chicago Unified Auditions, ultimately receiving four scholarship offers. Having to decide between USC and NYU Tisch School of the Arts has been my greatest challenge! TNI gave me the assistance that will push me forward and I’m so grateful it exists to do so. I plan to double major in African American Studies and Acting.”

JONATHAN STEVENS, Musical Theatre: $80,000
Attending Boston Conservatory

“NOCCA has created an environment for me like no other! TNI gave me the opportunity to study at one of the top summer theatre training programs at Northwestern University, which helped me discover myself as an artist, and is an experience that I will always keep close to my heart. NOCCA and TNI have helped me find myself and blossom as a young artist.”

SEAN O’BRIEN, Drama: $883,400
Attending Boston University

“The NOCCA Institute first provided me with support for the summer session before my junior year. The experience opened my eyes to the true possibilities that exist in theatre. Since then my life has completely changed. The training prepared me to audition at the Chicago Unified Auditions for some of the top universities and conservatory programs in the country. The skills and professionalism that NOCCA gave me transformed me both as an actor and a person. Against all odds, I will be attending Boston University on full tuition scholarship. I am now ready to take the next step in becoming an actor and to see what else the world has to offer.”