Wood Enterprises Has Raised Over $100,000 To Support The NOCCA Institute

Wood Enterprises Has Raised Over $100,000 To Support The NOCCA Institute

In New Orleans, many folks leave town for the Memorial Day weekend. After a busy spring full of festivals and graduations, it’s often the first chance residents have to hit the nearby beaches for rest and relaxation.

Not so for the folks at Wood Enterprises, which owns a number of popular restaurants and bars in the French Quarter, including the one and only Clover Grill.

For over a decade, the staff of Wood Enterprises — once led by Ken GrandPre and now by Michael Printy — have put together a series of events that draw crowds and raise funds for The NOCCA Institute. The weekend is capped off with the MASCARA Relay, a fast-paced bar crawl, in which male contestants race from one bar to another, adding layers of drag as they go. Some of those good-natured participants work for Wood Enterprises, while others come from the community or from Wood Enterprises’ vast network of suppliers, like Southern Eagle.

This year’s events raised $11,228 — the biggest sum to date. That puts the grand total of Wood Enterprises’ contributions to The NOCCA Institute over $100,000!

Thanks so much to Wood Enterprises, the MASCARA Relay participants, and the many, many folks who’ve supported them over the years. NOCCA is a better place because of you!

Pictured above: Michael Printy (Wood Enterprises), Courtney Wilson (Southern Eagle), Sally Perry (The NOCCA Institute), and Jerry Peters (Southern Eagle)